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I've worked with hundreds of kids.

Here's what a few of their parents have to say about their experience.

Private Coaching Testimonial

My son had tried out for traveling twice and didn't make the team. Both times we were told his hitting is what was holding him back. After missing the cut in 2020, he said it was his goal to make the team in 2021. He started practicing on his own everyday and after we saw his commitment, we decided to support him by getting lessons for him. He had participated in Brian's Sandlot program the year before, which is how we found out about him. We started getting him lessons 6 months before the 2021 tryouts were held. We saw improvement almost immediately. Not only did he make the team in 2021, he was a significant contributor to the team. Twice he came up to bat in the bottom of the last inning and drove in the winning run. In addition, he had several other clutch hits throughout the season. His swing is one of the best on the team, and because of Brian's training, there is not a single situation that is too big or too pressure-filled for my son. He walks up to the plate with confidence no matter the situation and keeps his composure no matter what the count is. He finished the season batting .300 and during the last month of the season he batted over .400. Not bad for a kid who had been cut the previous two years and we have Brian to thank for it.

- Erik Mueller

“I have coached baseball and fastpitch softball for 15+ years and started working with Brian about 7-8 years ago. He took my son from being a good hitter to being a great hitter with power. He has done the same thing with my daughter. He is great with kids and is very approachable for them and parents too. His really does break the swing down to the basics and does drills that accentuate that approach. I would highly recommend Brian to any parent looking to take his son or daughter to another level of hitting.”

-Mike Petry 

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